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Welcome To Triple 'S' Auto Broker - Since 1965

Steve & Sheri

Since 1965 the "S" in Triple "S" Auto Broker has stood for Service, Service Service! In fact, service is their middle name.

They treat you, the customer, with dignity and respect from the start of your vehicle search to delivering the vehicle to your home or business.

Service is the reason that they are now furnishing new and pre-owned vehicles to the grandchildren of some of their first clients.

Service is the reason their clients, including many members of Long Beach based Credit Unions and local Finance Companies do business with them over and over again. That's why Triple "S" Auto Broker depend solely on repeat and referral business. You will save time and money by avoiding the expenses of unnecessary advertising. Their past clients and website are their sole advertising!

Call Sheri Mesner-Diaz the owner/operators of Triple "S" Auto Broker to help you find the perfect "next" vehicle for you.It's as easy as 1,2,3.

1. You can call Sheri and tell her exactly what vehicle you are looking for. Remember help is only a FREE phone call away! Or "click here" to start the search for your next vehicle on their website.
2. They will track down and locate the vehicle or vehicles that may be right for you and within your budget. Then they will negotiate the very best price without the haggling of a sales person at the dealership.
3. Once you have agreed upon the specifics, the vehicle will be delivered to your home or office (within 50 miles of our location).

That's how easy it is to purchase or lease your new or pre-owned vehicle through Triple "S" Auto Broker, the preferred auto broker of thousands of satisfied customers.

To read what pleased customers say about our service and prices just "click here"

To save time and energy and get the lowest cost possible on your next lease or purchase contact Sheri: "Click Here To Send E-Mail"
Or phone her at (562) 493-6346 or toll free at (800) 400-4421.

Thank You, Sheri Mesner-Diaz
Triple S Auto Brokers / Majestic Auto Sales